In light of the current situation with COVID-19 we at STAYHOLD would like to reassure our customers that we ARE STAYING OPEN.

To adhere to social distancing protocols  we as a team are working remotely during this time.

We will be shipping orders on Friday of each week going forward.

Wishing everyone good health, stay safe and stay well.


A COVID-19 Product Development.

This is a 3D printable product. Free of charge to download during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Designed to aid door opening, button pushing, grabbing tickets, basic holding actions while minimising contact and spread of germs and virus particles.

This last week or so we’ve been thinking how we might be able to help out during these times (besides staying at home and respecting social distancing). We’re not a medical company and although we have lots of ideas, there are many great people and companies contributing to design and innovation in that space. We want to do something to contribute to the efforts to help out so we are focusing on what we’re good at and what we do best, products for everyday life and for the everyday user. So we’ve been working on some new things to help out during these times, that we hope might help prevent contact and spread even in a small way. This is the first of what we have developed. Print it, share it, use it.‬




Tools for adverse weather


Devices for holding your stuff on-the-go.


We make products to solve problems.
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STAY: Steadfast, sturdy, everlasting, reliable, dependable. 
HOLD: Easy to hold and use.
"Excellent product and value with superior customer service"
- Peter Swanz
"This simple device is just simply clever..."
"could not be any happier with this product. What a smart idea for keeping the trunk organize!!! I highly recommend and will continue to purchase as necessary"
- VicMary Castaneda
"These things are fantastic. I wish someone had thought of them decades ago."
- Gerard Guidoni
We take our intellectual property serious.
All of our products are protected by utility patents or pending patents and design registrations and patents.
"it represents the ideal of what industrial design has to offer"
"hand your keys to a Hollywood stuntman"
"it's lightweight yet super-durable construction should keep your stuff safe for many years."
"a wall to keep groceries and other small items in place while you do your best Schumacher impression."
Design for Sustainability.
At STAYHOLD® we are very conscious about sustainability. We are cognisant that we are making products from plastic and as such we are constantly taking steps to improve our sustainability through our design choices, material selection, engineering, packaging and wherever else possible. Already we have switched some of our shopping holder products to include recycled plastic without reducing the physical properties of the product. Similarly our cargo wedge’s incorporate recycled rubber from car tyres.

These are initial steps and we know that we are still using virgin material alongside the recycled component but we intend that it’s impact is minimised though our industrial design and engineering. We are not in the business of making disposable plastic product or products which will break after a short amount of time. All of our products are designed, engineered and produced only after meticulous consideration of material suitability and strength for purpose. We take time selecting materials appropriately so that each product is built to last and endure it’s intended use again and again and again.

We also consider product end-of-life by aiming to reduce the amount of combined materials used in our products to make disassembly and recycling easier. Our Sidekick range is made exclusively from one materials, polypropylene which can be recycled. Our Safety Shovels have rubber squeegees which are removable instead of being over-moulded so they can be replaced if needed and at end of life can be removed easily.

This is the ethos we carry into our design process and our goal is to improve every day.

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About Us.
We are a design and product company focused on making unique and practical products that enable you to protect and transport your stuff and make life easier and safer for you when you're the on the go.

STAYHOLD® Products was founded in 2013 with the simple goal of making a product to stop our shopping from tumbling around in the car boot/trunk and we wanted to share it with the world to eliminate the hassle every day of loose items spilling in the car. From here we have learned so much about bringing products to market and have been tapping into an ethos about developing good quality, simple and affordable products that are well designed and built reliably and as efficiently as possible. STAYHOLD® is a brand dedicated to bringing you products to enhance your journey big or small. We're working on a lot of new ideas so keep an eye out and follow us below to be kept in the loop.
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