We're all about
the products.

We've grown into a company really focused on designing great products.
There is a lot in the pipeline but it all started with just one simple idea.

How it all came to be.

Michael, Alan and Ben founded STAYHOLD® in 2013 with the common goal of bringing their inaugural product to the market and help to provide peace-of-mind to people everywhere when transporting loose goods in the car.

Michael having dreamt up the need for a product such as the original Stayhold unit while delivering Christmas gifts partnered with Alan and Ben, industrial designers, who brought the concept to fruition and began to create a brand and meaning around the simple product which would stand for ease-of-use, simplicity in function and there-when-you-need-it-to-be usefulness.

6 years on and the STAYHOLD® product range is sold all over the world and the team are hard at work designing STAYHOLD® solutions for other walks of life.

The original STAYHOLD® Cargo Organizer caught the worlds attention and since then a rollercoaster few years have seen the company grow, partnering with distribution outfits worldwide and partnering strategically with Velcro Companies.

While taking a few years to develop the business from scratch, establishing the brand and focusing heavily on the original product range the founders are now intent on growing the product offering to solidify STAYHOLD® in the cargo and organisation space.

In keeping with this refocus on product development the designers Alan and Ben have established ROTATION DESIGN, an in-house all-in-one industrial design studio tasked with all creative output stemming from the company and working on the future STAYHOLD® product pipeline but also undertaking other R&D efforts working with outside partners and in developing new brands and product directions.

Designed in Ireland

Designed by ROTATION.
Tested to perform.