At STAYHOLD™ we strive for safety. Our entire premise is about making situations more #safeandsecure.

Using a STAYHOLD™ in your car can improve the safety of items you are carrying in your boot or trunk by preventing them from getting damaged, but using a STAYHOLD™ also has many other advantages. It leads to convenience because your items are left where you put them and do not roll around the car maybe becoming difficult to reach near the back of the trunk. This also saves you time instead of having to gather up loose items that have rolled around such as groceries or other shopping.

"Nobody likes the sound of loose items rolling around in the back of the car and it can often be annoying, perhaps trying to look around whilst driving to see what is rolling around or to check if nothing is broken. This is bad practice and we would like to prevent drivers from becoming distracted like this and potentially causing accidents." - Michael

The less distractions there are when driving the better.

Along with keeping your items safe with a STAYHOLD™ and helping to reduce distractions whilst driving we like to help improve other areas of safety and promoting safety in the car is helpful to everyone.

Some key points for keeping safe in your car.

      • Always wear a seatbelt and check regularly that it is in working condition.
      • Use a Stayhold to secure loose items in the boot/trunk to prevent distraction.
      • Remove un-necessary items from the back to reduce weight, safe fuel and improve handling.
      • Make sure to check tyre pressure regularly especially before long journeys.
      • Do not leave items on show in your car when parked to prevent break-ins.
      • Be aware of the road conditions when driving. i.e. Wet, slippery, loose leaves, pot holes etc.
      • Keep your windscreen clean to improve visibility.
      • Be seen, be safe. Always use your lights when suitable and check all bulbs are ok.

For more tips on keeping safe in your car and helpful ideas for saving fuel check out this article by the AA.

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