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Our SIDEKICK Multi-Surface unit uses our custom developed grip teeth material under-side to GRIP the liner or carpet in your car and stop your stuff sliding around.

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Sidekick uses the cargo's weight against itself. Using rows of tiny teeth that dig into the grooves in rubber boot liners and soft surfaces. Their shape allows them to slide under your cargo easily and hold it in place.
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Both units feature handles on opposite ends. This allows the products to be moved and positioned easily
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A series a slots allow for our Strap accessories to be attached to the product.
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Our newest Strap, the Combi Strap, is our most versatile yet. It can easily stretch around cargo and holds it securely to the product for extra security. If a longer strap is needed, simply extend them with the built in hook and loop tape.
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Combi Straps are great for grocery bags, sports equipment, fragile objects, backpacks and laptop bags.
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