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About Us.


STAYHOLD is a design led company focused on creating products which help you simplify tasks in your life. We are passionate about solving problems with innovative products and making our product solutions available to as many people as possible. What good are great ideas if they don't help anyone? This is the premise we design by, trying to turn ideas into creative, simple, cost effective products. Stayhold, the company, started as a notion for a device to hold loose items in your car, now it is growing into a brand which we want to launch other products under that stand for the same everyday-problem-solving ethos. With founding team members from background of industrial design and international logistics we had the core skill set we needed to develop a simple idea into a global market reacher. At the heart of everything we do is a design led thought process. Through this we aim to create innovative solutions in every aspect of business and build a brand and company that stands for rock solid products and user experiences. Read more.



Some of our customers so far...


   Woodies  The Home Depot    Proidee    QVCAutotaalglass  Topline  Norauto  Shell  QoQa  auchansolutions    autobacs  amazon  Formido  robert Dyas 160bauhaus Tesco 160 industrial plastics & paints