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Holder range are big enough for
every day problems and tough
enough to get the job done.

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Utilising VELCRO® Brand Hook Technology to stick to the carpet lining in your car and our tried and tested industrial design to hold your goods in place our Cargo Holders offer secure protection with what ever you need to carry.

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With ROCKSOLID™, unibody, toughened polymer construction our units are a formidable force to keep your stuff safe.

Enhanced with a focus on easy-to-use design, comfortable ergonomics and flexibility of use with our cleverly positioned accessory and strap slots our Cargo Holders are really ticking all the boxes.

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The Classic’s little brother is small and mighty. Built strong, but still features the easy-to-use design from our original Classic Holder.

Our STAYHOLD™ MINI Cargo Holder is a brilliant stand alone unit used alone or in groups.

When used in combination with our CLASSIC Holder it creates the possibility for unlimited layout options and allows you to secure anything you need to bring on the journey.

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Our Quickstraps™ are elasticated straps designed to be super quick and easy to use to store bottles and other small items on your STAYHOLD™ Cargo Holder.

Working with our strap slots you can leave a set on your Cargo Holder which is super handy when you need have a couple bottles of wine or even just for your carcare goods.

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For the larger more awkward items we have out utility straps. Strong woven polypropylene webbing with a heavy duty plastic easy-close buckle. These too work with the strap slots on the our Cargo Holders and are great for securing tins of paint, potted plants and other irregular or delicate items.

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