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Works Awesome

"These are working awesome. These keep my work materials from sliding in the trunk.
Easy to remove and reposition. Arrived when expected." - Penni Romero

Great Organisers

" These stayholds have given me back my trunk space and time. No more rearranging to make things fit. Great organizers!" - Patricia 

Five Stars

" These are great to keep items from rolling around in the back of my SUV." - Amazon Customer


"These are Great! The VELCRO® brand fasteners holds strongly to keep them in place so my 'cargo' isn't rolling around. Love It!" - Sheryl B Ferguson

VELCRO® brand fasteners are so strong it makes all of the money spent on NASA worthwhile.

" When I first got these out of the box, I tried sticking them to the carpet in my house and was sort of disappointed and how weak they seemed.
Afterward, I took them out to my SUV to see if I could duplicate my experiment. I sort of tossed them in the back and then went to pull them out. So I pulled. And pulled. And pulled.
I was completely flabbergasted by how strongly they attached. I didn't think VELCRO® brand fasteners could even hold that securely. My wife can barely even detach them.
We've been able to use them to secure all kinds of heavy loads and now when we go to our local big box store our stuff actually stays where it's supposed to.
These definitely exceeded my expectations." - Nicholas R Seegmiller

These work GREAT!!

" These work GREAT!!! I don't have a garage so I keep a few extra items in the trunk (windshield washer fluid, rainex, etc.).
These keeps items, large and small, in the right place. Very happy with them!" - MES "Bookworm"

No More Stuff Rolling Around

"These things are amazing. I have them in both my cars.  The VELCRO® brand fasteners are incredibly sticky. 
You really need two so that you can box things in good." -  VT Hokies

Muscle Car Must Have

"Perfect to keeps items from slamming around in the trunk of my Dodge Challenger." - Doug Comer

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