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As a product that we think should be available in every store we have a number of retail options available to make our STAYHOLD™ Cargo product range as accessible and versatile as possible for stores big and small. Our FSDU Multiple Display Units are simple and striking that display the product front and centre. Combined with easy set up and occupying very little floor space these units are an excellent option for retails and distributors. 
All of our stock can come packed in trays ready to merchandise into the displays.


As a large or promotional display unit we offer the 1/4 pallet MDU which is fully printed with eye-catching colours and imagery and can also feature a built in header video screen.



We love our counter top display and so do our customers. This unit works great for quick point of sale purchase areas and carrys a selection of Minis and Straps. 


These are some of our options for in store display and we are always developing new solutions to cater for different clients.


If you are interested becoming a Stayhold Limited distributor or you would like to carry our range in your store please get in touch at