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Do you hate the sound of things rolling around in the back when you are driving? We did, and we were tired of stuff getting damaged or groceries spilling everywhere too so we created STAYHOLD™


STAYHOLD™ is a completely new way of organising stuff in your car boot or trunk.


It works by gripping the carpet and acting as a barrier to stop things from sliding around and getting damaged while the car is in motion. STAYHOLD™ works great as a divider for creating sections for stuff that you carry regularly or it's great to keep in the trunk so you have when you have some groceries or boxes, luggage, bottles, paint tins, tools, sports stuff... whatever you need to keep  #safeandsecure


STAYHOLD™ is really easy to use, simply place it snuggly beside what you want to secure and press it down onto the carpet. STAYHOLD™ will now stay in place until you remove it from the carpet using one of the handles. Then you can reposition it or stick it to the roof of the trunk for storage.


See STAYHOLD™ in action here...