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Innovators and explorers at heart we first and foremost wanted to create a system to keep our stuff safe on the go. What started as a simple requirement Michael Culleton had to protect goods during his deliveries as a salesman grew into a passion to protect and transport goods safely. Partnering with industrial designers Alan Harrison and Ben Millett to create the original STAYHOLD™ product and set the wheels in motion to grow a brand set on building simple products which would protect their user’s goods and make life easier.

With the inital focus set on solving the annoying problem of loose goods rolling around in the car for millions of drivers every day Stayhold has set out to bring this solution to many categories of vehicle.

Carrying stuff should be easy. Humans have been carrying and moving goods for a long long time. In today’s life more than ever people use and bring so many items and products with them that ease and safe transport is at it’s most important stage to date.

Our original STAYHOLD™ Cargo Holder product changed the way people thought about carrying goods in their cars. Such ease of use and effectiveness meant that Stayhold product user’s could worry less about the goods they are carrying and concentrate more on their journery ahead. This is the premise we are building a brand around and we want to create more solutions that help people to carry, protect, store, transport, enjoy and worry less about their goods and instead, focus, love, share, cherish, and improve their journey.


CEO / Founder

Michael is the driving force behind the STAYHOLD™ team and as the original STAYHOLD™ Cargo Holder inventor he carries limitless enthusiasm for promoting the brand and working directly with customers.

Mick enjoys cycling and the odd round of golf.


R&D Director / CoFounder

Alan’s strong acumen in technical design allows the same frame of mind to be transferred and applied to other tasks that are required within the company ranging from compliance, design for logistics, packaging design etc.

Alan likes his coffee strong and his burgers juicy.


Creative Director / CoFounder

Ben’s creative experience and attention to detail is an asset in any project with a strong skill-set which can be applied across disciplines to achieve results. With an overriding focus on functionality and usability in product design Ben’s creative skills enhance and help to create synergy within any project.

Ben likes taking too many photos


Admin / Accounts.

Elaine keeps everything ticking behind the scenes so we can focus on the game at hand. She has given us all a love for spreadsheets and spreads enthusiasm for organisation and getting stuff done.


Web Development / Design

Conor’s background in industrial design and web development make him ideal to translate the team's efforts into a clean and clear web and graphic presence while also assisting product development.