STAYHOLD ™ Mini Cargo Companion x1

STAYHOLD ™ Mini Cargo Companion x1


Available in Orange and Gray - 1 included.


STAYHOLD Mini Cargo Companion is a handy solution for keeping your daily objects safe in your car. 


- Strengthened Super Tough Plastic.

- Super grip strips using hook & loop material grip the carpet.

- Use with Stayhold Classic to create smaller compartments.

- Use a few Stayhold Minis to hold awkward shaped objects.

- Use with groceries, wine bottles, paint tins, bottles, luggage and any other loose object.

- Experience peace of mind when traveling with goods in your trunk.

- Holds up to 33lbs / 15kgs

- Broken eggs or spilled milk smell really bad in your car, use a Stayhold.



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