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"it represents the ideal of what industrial design has to offer"
"hand your keys to a Hollywood stuntman"
"it's lightweight yet super-durable construction should keep your stuff safe for many years"
"a wall to keep groceries and other small items in place while you do your best Schumacher impression"
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Best for trunk and shifting issues

September 14, 2018

Color: Gray | Size Name: Size L - Classic | Verified Purchase

just purchased a new car with a large trunk. Groceries went everywhere and the dealership would put in a mesh liner, but it would affect my warranty and cost a bit. I ordered the set. These things hold and grab and no more shifting of anything in my trunk. The most amazing product! Great design. It's worth the money to pay for a full set. I can rearrange my dividers and nothing moves. Not even heavy products. Great engineering. Great product. A definite best buy. Just make sure you have a carpeted back trunk. The Velcro sticks like glue, even though I have raised and lowered sections on my trunk surface, it sticks solid.

Wish I knew about this product sooner

September 12, 2018

Color: Gray | Size Name: Size L - Classic | Verified Purchase

For years I've dealt groceries sliding around my trunk - not anymore thanks to this organizer! I highly recommend it to everyone. Trunks should just come equipped with this product!

Makes my groceries stay put

May 14, 2018

Color: Gray | Size Name: Size L - Classic | Verified Purchase

If you drive like a maniac like I do, it's really hard to get your groceries to stay put. This fixes the problem. It works great. I still drive like a maniac, but now my groceries stay in the bag. It doesn't work very well for babies. They still roll around in the trunk, so use a carseat for them.

AweSome product! A Lifesaver!

April 30, 2018

Color: Gray | Size Name: 7 Pc Set - Super Pack | Verified Purchase

These were a lifesaver! I volunteer for an emergency services organization, and my gear has always been an issue. Always sliding around the car and getting in my wife's way. This problem was amplified when we got our Transit; everything was everywhere! I bought these a couple weeks ago, and my stuff is always exactly where it's supposed to be. Best of all, because everything stays where I put it, I always know where everything is, so calls go faster, and cleanup is easier. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

Must have for carpeted trunks and cargo areas.

March 31, 2017

Color: Gray | Size Name: Ultimate Pack - 14 Pc | Verified Purchase

These things are awesome. If you have a carpeted trunk or cargo area, you need these. I have kept paper and plastic grocery sacks full of groceries, cans of paint, 40 lb. bag of dog food, even a full 20 lb. propane bottle (using the straps as well, upright, organized and un-moving in my trunk. I even took one turn kind of quick on purpose to see if the full propane bottle would topple over in my trunk. It stayed put.
The nice thing about these is that they are so easy to move around and configure to whatever your cargo is. And as I have a sedan, I stick these up on the sides off the trunk off the trunk floor when I am not using them so they are completely out of the way. These things are ingenious!