We build shopping holders for



Sticks to carpet using VELCRO® Brand hooks
Our Metro range of shopping holders stick to the carpet in your car using VELCRO® Brand hooks and can keep your shopping and other lose items held securely in place.

Using our patented technology these products are ideal for cars of all sizes and coming in 3 sizes can be used together to create compartments and configurations to suit whatever you need to carry.

Use with accessory straps to hold bottles or awkward items and kit your car out.
Grips liner using STAYHOLD® grip teeth
Our Sidekick range of shopping holders for rubber liners use our patent pending grip teeth design to provide support and grip for your shopping or other items. When placed on the cargo platform the weight of the goods provide the grip needed to hold everything in place and prevent sliding. The angled surface and wide footprint give the unit support and keep everything from toppling over.

Available in 2 size they can be used together in multiples to secure items of any size and in any position.

Also compatible with accessory straps to cater for various everyday items you need to transport.

Organise beautifully.

Our products are designed to keep your stuff safe and in place just where you left it.

Use as dividers

If you use your car for regular tasks you concrete dividers that are predefined for your uses. Maybe one for your backpack, another for groceries another for car stuff.

Create storage zones

Simply place your loose items and then position your STAYHOLD® unit against the cargo to hold it in place. Big or small, whatever you need to carry you can configure your shopping holders to keep it in place.

Seriously, use them in any configuration #modular

Cars are practically all the same but we know everyone has different uses and habits. Our products are designed for simple and adaptable use.

Store easily when not in use

Our units are compact so when not in use their slim design takes up as little room possible to make space for larger loads.

Super modular. Our units are different sizes so you can suit your car size.

Various sizes mean no matter what your car size you can kit out your cargo space with as many or as few STAYHOLD® units as you need to get the job done.

Use them your way.

The beauty of our products is that you can use them however suits you. Don't be restricted by regular organisers that try to define the spaces for your and get in the way when you don't need them. Use ours any way you want to hold anything you want and when you're done just stow them to the side or stack them in a corner awaiting their next job.

Know which one
you're looking for?

Shopping Holders for Carpet

Built using VELCRO® Brand Hooks that stick to your carpet and keep everything in place.

Shopping Holders for Rubber Liners

Using our STAYHOLD® Grip Teeth design to provide grip on the liner surface beneath your cargo and hold your stuff tight.