Use your car as a big camera bag with Stayhold!!!




We all love our gear. We want to keep it safe, especially delicate, expensive lenses and bodies.  We also need to be able to access our gear easily and quickly. Your car is often like a big camera bag most of the time with tripods, lights, camera bags, reflectors, boxes, props, you name it you might need it.

Now you can use your car trunk properly, as a big, mobile, camera bag and use Stayholds as dividers. Keep everything in it’s place and stop stuff from falling over when your remove a camera case in a hurry or grab a tripod to run and catch the sunset.

Use Stayhold to keep your camera gear safe in your car. Don’t worry about gear rolling around in the back anymore when you are chasing light or keeping up with the wedding car! 

Configure your Stayholds to fit your gear perfectly and create spaces for each item to fit safe and secure.

Stayhold is also multipurpose and works to hold so many other loose items securely.

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