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"As humble as this device is,
to me it represents the ideal of
what industrial design has to offer:
It's simple, largely monomaterial,
addresses a valid need,
and is relatively inexpensive."



 "It's all but guaranteed that the most hair-raising drives
you'll have will be immediately after you fill the trunk
with groceries, plants, and anything else you don't want to topple.
you can hand your keys to a Hollywood stuntman and
not have to worry about the bread being crushed by a jug of milk."



"If you have a lot of junk in the trunk and want it
to stop bouncing around back there, try these."


"When you subsequently swerve through
turns, accelerate or brake like a maniac,
your cargo will stay wedged in place
instead of tumbling across the trunk."


We’ve all strapped a gallon of milk into a seatbelt to
keep it from churning itself to butter on the trip home.