Introducing the best kept secret in car organization ......a secret no more.


The all-rounder, our STAYHOLD®Sidekick range of shopping holders use our patented Grip Teeth and the weight of the cargo you're holding to grip the carpet or liner in your trunk. The Sidekick Range is so easy to position and reposition they allow you to transport all your goods securely, big or small we have got you covered. Just PLACE PRESS PROTECT


Not satisfied with making the best shopping holders we had to add something more, our STAYHOLD® range of straps are the perfect accompaniment to our cargo range and so much more. All our straps work with our shopping holders, but the work just as well on their own, to help protect and organize the junk you love. Just PULL FIX PROTECT!

Who we are

We are a small Irish product design company started by 3 guys who specialize in making practical products focused on making your life easier. Since 2013 we have been bringing products to the world and have worked with distributors and retailers all over the world. Thanks for visiting and we hope you find something useful.

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Cargo Solutions for OEM

STAYHOLD® Products and Auria Solutions are jointly working to develop cargo solutions that meet the demands of the ever-changing automotive industry.

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