This is what you need.

Our Cargo Sidekick works on carpet or liners in your vehicle, holds plenty of weight, is tough as nails and is expandable to hold whatever you need.

Our unique design does the hard work.

Simply place your stuff on the platform area and wedge the Sidekick snuggly up against it.

Our grip teeth hold strong.

We designed a unique, patented system that uses a grip-teeth surface to stop your stuff moving around.

This is the pack we recommend.

Our Sidekick packs has 2 of our large Sidekick units and 2 small units which work on carpet or liners.

With 2 sizes this means you can configure your set up to hold big or small items, or hold many things at the same time. Use one of each to hold your groceries and the others to hold a crate or toolbox.

Along with this, you also get a set of our highly useful elasticated Combi straps which can be used to hold bottles and all sorts of everyday items.

This pack also comes with a set of our Utility straps which are ideal for holding and securing larger more awkward items.

All this and it all stacks neatly into each other for storage and barely takes up any space. Perfect for tidying that unruly trunk or boot and keeping your stuff safe.

Who we are

We are a small Irish product design company started by 3 guys who specialize in making practical products focused on making your life easier. Since 2013 we have been bringing products to the world and have worked with distributors and retailers all over the world. Thanks for visiting and we hope you find something useful.

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STAYHOLD® Products and Auria Solutions are jointly working to develop cargo solutions that meet the demands of the ever-changing automotive industry.

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