What started as a notion about building a product to stop loose stuff rolling around in your car evolved into the realisation that solving a small problem such as spilled shopping created a small bit of extra peace of mind and left one less thing to worry about in your daily life.

Starting a product company takes a lot of hours / months / years and not knowing where the finish line is sometimes makes it hard. Work and meetings and business trips take over and it becomes harder and harder to fulfil that innate passion for adventure.

It started to become clear that this is the case for lots of lots of other people who become stuck in their everyday lives where it can be hard to break out and do something extraordinary. People are having adventures every day without realising, family adventures, city adventures, sports adventures, work adventures. Slices of life that although are part of every day, step outside of routine.

We want to build products which help to keep your stuff safe or help you to be prepared and organized so you can worry less about the small things and focus more on the things that matter.

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Our STAYHOLD® Cargo Holder range
utilise VELCRO® Brand Hook Technology
to stick to the carpet lining in your car
offering secure protection.

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