New Year. New Logo. Same Us.


Today we are releasing a new direction for the Stayhold brand identity.

The 'Unfinished Mountain' is the new icon behind the Stayhold brand. Through its’ form it conjures an image of strength and solidness – such is the typical mountain. This association is core to the Stayhold brand, it is a reminder that Stayhold is about being secure while the gaps' meaning is ambiguous, it leaves an interpretation of something that needs to be completed, perhaps mirroring life. Our continuous struggle to climb our own mountains. Part of our mountain is Stayhold and developing and building the company over the last year is helping us to climb slightly higher on our everest but it remains still unfinished.

We aim to continue climbing by building a brand and company focused on delivering products which lend a hand and make segments of your life that bit easier. We want to try and help everyone with a little push in achieving their everest, and if we can make life easier with every nuance of change that one of our products offers we have completed our goal. The sole purpose of our products is to better peoples lives and the journeys and adventures that go with them and we are always thrilled to hear how Stayhold has helped make a task simpler. Of course right now Stayhold is just a simple trunk tidy, but we will be building a range of products from here out with the same ethos and aims to help the user in whatever tasks we address.

Our new tagline is 'Rock Solid', first, representative of how Stayholds hold items in your trunk but also an extension of the imagery we are creating with the Mountain Icon, of solidness and steadfastness. However it is also deeper than this and represents our aim to create a company of which every part is Rock Solid, to play on the definition of solid to mean reliable and dependable, this is how we want people to feel when they use a Stayhold product. 


- Ben

Creative Director

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