Shows Update

Shows Update


It's been a furious year in STAYHOLD™ land and we haven't been good to our blog so heres a recap on some of the shows we've done recently. 

We had a great time exhibiting at SEMA in Las Vegas, The Paris Expo and The Spring Fair in Birmingham.

Sharing a few pics from the trips below.

Overview of SEMA, Las Vegas, 2015

STAY HOLD display stand at SEMA tradeshow Las Vegas 2015

View over tradeshow hall at SEMA Las Vegas 2015

Stayhold in new product showcase at SEMA Las Vegas 2015

We got showcased as innovative new products...

Checking our Caesars Palace, SEMA, Las Vegas 2015

The track outside SEMA Las Vegas 2015. Westgate hotel in the background

Ford ecoboost GT on display on the Ford stand at SEMA Las Vegas 2015

Massive Engine Drag car at SEMA Las Vegas 2015

Saw some pretty cool cars at SEMA...

STAYHOLD Display Booth at Spring Fair, Birmingham 2016

Arch de Triomphe, Paris

Wheeling in MDU display units for STAYHOLD™ at the Paris Expo 2015

STAYHOLD™ Classic using Quickstraps™ to hold car polish and sprays

And introduced loads of people to STAYHOLD™ and how it can make their boot or trunk awesome!!

We're looking forward to sharing STAYHOLD™ during more upcoming shows this year and next and we thank our customers and distributors for all of their help and support so far! 


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