We use our Cargo Organisers every day and keep all our stuff safe with them. It let's us worry about the bigger things and know that we won't have chaos in the car when we go around a bend. 

Every day we're hearing about new things STAYHOLD™ can be used to secure and new uses people have used theirs for. 

Such a simple and versatile product that's use extends beyond simply holding the milk and eggs in place.

Using STAYHOLD™ Cargo Organiser as impromptu shelves at a tradeshow

We used a few Stayholds at a show recently as a set of impromptu shelves by just sticking them onto the back of our display unit. Perfect to hold flyers and stationary for quick access! 


When it's something really big you'd better use a few! (Can't say much about the tidiness of the other half of the boot though :-I )

Even just a couple of Minis do the job... Don't want that rolling around in your truck! 


When you're carrying a lot of stuff you want to keep it somewhat organised! We say, the more Stayholds the better! Keep all your junk at bay and create some usable space! 

These guys have a pretty trunk and they made good double use of a utility strap, holding their plant pot and the San Pellegrino.



Minis work great in pairs and you can use them with pretty much anything.


Those big crates people like to use are best held in place with a Classic STAYHOLD™. NOT. GOING. ANYWHERE.

This user loves to use their Classics on each side of the trunk creating a little nook for random stuff. The great part is it still allows access to the underfloor area.

We'd love to see what you use yours for. Let us know on social media or drop us a mail at 

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