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Exciting and Innovative New Irish Designed Product "The STAYHOLD™" launches in Ireland



Dublin, Ireland 30th of May 2013:   Stayhold Ltd, a new Irish start up, today launched their innovative new product "The STAYHOLD™ " at their offices in Dublin.  The product simply sticks to the carpet in your car boot and holds items in place while you are driving ensuring they don't roll around.   This is an incredible simple solution to a never ending problem !!  STAYHOLD™ works by simply STAYING in place and HOLDING your objects in place. The company is led by Managing Director, Michael Culleton and Directors Ben Millett and Alan Harrison.

STAYHOLD™ is a solid plastic wall that grips the carpet in your car and acts as a barrier to hold loose items securely against the side wall in your car boot.   It is great to keep items such as groceries, wine bottles, tins of paint, plant pots, sports equipment, suitcases, water bottles, tool boxes, cooler boxes, footballs, buggies and any other loose items you need to carry in your car in place (see pics attached) .  The new product has been vigorously tested by the company and by people with all different lifestyles such as Mums and Dads, Gardeners, Beauticians, Painters, Chefs etc…..

The product was inspired by Michael Culleton and was developed in partnership with Ben Millett and Alan Harrison who also have their own company, Curve Creative. After months of development sketches and prototypes, the finished product has now been completed and is available to buy online at for €9.99. The product will be available in stores throughout Ireland shortly.

"We are absolutely delighted and very proud, considering the current economic climate, to be launching this simple yet highly effective product to the market," said Michael Culleton, Managing Director of Stayhold Ltd. "We are in talks with major retail companies at the moment and look forward to announcing our Irish retail partners very soon.  We are currently launching this product in the UK and the US and have had incredible feedback from both countries," he said.



About Michael Culleton:

Michael comes from a shipping and logistics background where his family worked for many years. He moved away from the industry when he was young and began working in the retail sector where he worked in a number of sales and managerial positions.  Michael then went back to work in logistics and in 2009 opened his own logistics company, OES, which has been a great success for him. Michael, who is now Managing Director of Stayhold Ltd enjoys bringing his vast experience in shipping, logistics and sales to the company.



About Ben Millett and Alan Harrison
Ben and Alan are both recent graduates of Industrial Design at The National College of Art & Design. Straight after college they started their own creative studio, Curve Creative which focuses on Industrial Design incorporating commercial photography which they both have had previous experience of.  While in college they worked on numerous design projects as a team and achieved worldwide acclaim for their “Kug” project in 2010 with thousands of enquiries, features on various design blogs, numerous newspapers articles and plenty of discussions on various radio shows.  Once they left they were both eager to dive into the design world and have since worked on a mixture of client design projects and their own 3D printed designs. Now with Stayhold Ltd they are extremely excited to work with Michael and build and expand the brand STAYHOLD™.






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