Announcing our new STAYHOLD™ GRAY!

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing STAYHOLD™ in a new colour! The new STAYHOLD™ GRAY complements the existing orange version, together they make a great pair and look sharp in any boot or trunk.

STAYHOLD™ GRAY on its' own also offers a more subtle and sophisticated alternative to the orange version if orange doesn't suit your car or your style. 

We love orange as it is a functional colour, a colour for safety and is easy to see if you're rummaging in the trunk when it's dark, but now we love GRAY too because sometimes the best things are understated, and with the beautiful gloss finish on the STAYHOLD™ GRAY it is still easy to pick out even in a dark trunk. 

We are looking forward to starting to ship the new version and we aim to make it available to buy soon on it's own or with it's brother STAYHOLD™ ORANGE.


See the STAYHOLD™ GRAY here and

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