Safe shopping

Safe shopping

Now more than ever we are seeing the importance of keeping your shopping and cargo secure in your vehicle. Trips to the store are precious and not as enjoyable as they maybe once were. Get in and get out seems to be the feeling at the moment and the last thing you need is a spillage on the way home meaning you have to go back for something.

Less time spent in the store has other benefits too. Less potential exposure to contact with COVID-19 and more time to spend on other activities. Everyone being at home recently has undoubtedly unlocked countless extra hours of time that would ordinarily be spent on travel, commuting, shopping, and other mainly mundane tasks. 

With more emphasis than ever on the importance of staying safe and being aware of your contact outside of your own home we have been considering the importance even the smallest actions seem to play in this scene. We know we make shopping holders, and on the face of it they are objects with an unexciting purpose however we have seen the reaction from customers over the last number of years saying they LOVE them, or they cannot stop using them and how it has made their life so much easier. We never anticipated this feedback when we started but we are happy in the knowledge that our little products are having a profound impact on tasks that people do every day. 

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