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PRO STRAPS - 10ft / 3M Nylon, Steel Buckle Cam Straps

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We’ve all used metal buckle straps before, and sure some of them only cost a few quid but usually, they’re just not very good. We didn’t like trusting inferior straps to secure expensive or potentially dangerous items to our cars if the straps failed or buckles gave way.

Our PRO Straps are wider than most others so they don’t cut into your cargo, we’ve made them from polyester instead of the common polypropylene so they don’t stretch while in use (polypropylene straps can stretch as much as 5% while in use) so your gear stays snug. And most importantly the buckle, ours is rated to hold up to 1300lbs / 600kgs. That’s a lot. And they come in twos.

We’ve used ours for lashing timber sheets to roof racks, carrying kayaks, transporting cars on trailers, securing pallets in trucks and so many other things that straps are useful for.

PURPOSE: The STAYHOLD® PRO-strap was developed to help you secure the larger cargo in your life, they are strong, durable and easy to use, great for strapping items to your roof racks or keeping heavy items secure .

EASY & QUICK TO USE: Easy use Heavy Duty Buckles allow for quicker fastening. These straps hold up to 600Kg securely and are so simple to use, they hold tight without damaging your cargo.

SAFE & SECURE: Hate the idea of grappling with ratchet straps, or tightening too far and destroying your cargo, well our PRO-straps with easy-to-use buckle will hold whatever you need as tight as you want.

USEFUL FOR: Kayaks, Tools, Furniture, Safety, Sports, Larger Cargo, Roof Racks, Vans, Trucks, basically anything heavy that you need to secure on your vehicle, or about your home.

MIX & MATCH: It really is as flexible as you want it to be. No matter how big or small your needs are these straps have got you covered.