Sidekick Small Rubber Liner Shopping Holders x 2


Our Sidekick range of shopping holders built for rubber liners use our patent pending design and STAYHOLD® grip teeth to sit under your goods and stop them from moving around. Used individually or in multiples to secure loads of any size and reposition quickly and easily with our ergonomic handles and lightweight body.

Our custom designed and unique grip teeth and 3D support structure provides exceptional support for your shopping and other items when used on rubber liners. Our Sidekick range also work effectively on carpet using the same grip teeth and cargo platform method, however we recommend our Metro range with VELCRO® Brand hooks for carpet usage. If you regularly switch between carpet and liner our Sidekick range has you covered.

Available in 2 sizes and stackable our Sidekick shopping holders for rubber liner are unlike anything else available and we are confident that once you start using them on your rubber liner you won’t go back.

Made from durable and flexible polymer we have engineered our products to be long lasting and resist breakages so they don’t become another piece of plastic on the pile.

IDEAL FOR: Holding groceries, luggage, paint tins, plants, toolboxes, crates and other every-day items

MIX & MATCH: It really is as flexible as you want it to be. With various STAYHOLD® cargo organizer units to choose from, no matter how big or small your organizing needs are we have something that will work for you.

HOLD ANYTHING, ANYWHERE: Create compartments in your trunk with ease. Our organizers can be used anywhere in your vehicle, holding day-to-day items that you need to keep in place.

WORKS ON CARPETS AND RUBBER LINERS: With our grip teeth undersurface and patent pending structure which holds the unit in place when your cargo is placed on the platform you can position anywhere and simply tuck underneath the cargo you want to secure.

EASILY KEEPS YOUR CARGO SECURE: There-when-you-need-it, stays put on liners with our grip surface design, versatile usage, hold all kinds of objects, cargo organizers.

EAN: 5391525980805

  • 1. Grips the carpet using STAYHOLD® Grip Teeth
  • 2. Use with accessory straps
  • 3. Easy-to-use handles
  • 4. Use straps to hold bottles here
  • 5. Robust 3D Shape
  • 6. Ground cargo platform



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