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Utility Strap XL packs x 2 6ft/1800mm

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We specked our utility straps to be better and more useful than others. We made ours wider so they can surround your gear better, from a better quality weave so the strap is more durable and will last longer and with a non-scratch plastic snap buckle so you can easily adjust.

Our extra-long utility strap is 2ft / 600mm longer that's 1800mm long and based on feedback from customers who were using their original utility straps for so many other tasks and they wanted something a bit longer but with the same easy snap plastic buckle as opposed to metal cam buckles.

Use these straps in conjunction with our STAYHOLD® organizers. Fits Mini, Classic, Metro and Sidekick options or use the straps on their own to help solve any cargo-related storage problem you might have in your car.

Our woven PP material is very strong, ideal for securing items and developed to hold up to a 40kg / 88lb weight limit.

USEFUL FOR: Paint, plants, large bottles, cans, boxes, crates, DIY gear, delicate objects, and many other items you may need to secure.

If you’re looking for a Cam Buckle Strap we also made those better, see our PRO Straps.